GKS and their staff observe the legal prescriptions and values of the Federal Republic of Germany and the rules fixed in the GKS Company Manual. Corporate Governance, as part of Compliance, is the generic term for the whole system of management and supervision of a company, including the organisation, the company policy and the internal and external controlling mechanisms. Good Corporate Governance with GKS is the basis of responsible and value-related management, the efficient cooperation of associates and manager, transparency of reporting and adequate risk management.


The values respected in GKS comprise in particular:

  • paramount: respect, freedom, justice, public spirit,
  • regarding personality: empathy, confidence, sincerity and sense of responsibility,
  • regarding individual workplaces: commitment, independence, discipline, responsibility and determination,
  • regarding teamwork: loyalty, community spirit, politeness and esteem.


Where administrative, professional, functional or similar descriptions are mentioned verbally or in writing in GKS, the male version is used in general which shall apply to females, males or other existing gender characteristics. If persons of any gender are addressed, the last letter of the usual word may be a capital letter [German peculiarity]. Men, women and persons with other gender characteristics may be addressed in their typical way, no matter whether internally or externally.


A complaints department exists in accordance with the General Law on Equal Treatment to guarantee the equal treatment free of discirimination of all staff members.