The national and regional planning bodies made the decision of erecting a waste-to-energy plant for the region Main-Rhön in the area of Schweinfurt. The main emphasis was put on the reliability of the waste recycling. Therefore three lines of incineration were installed with a throughput capacity of 8 tones per hour each.

Within the scope of the legislation other local authorities in the region associated as company shareholders. Today about 1.1 million people are connected to the environmentally-friendly thermal recycling system and provide their waste for the production of high-efficiency energy by GKS - Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Schweinfurt GmbH.

Emission values for the plant can be found on the website of the official Bayerischen Landesamtes für Umwelt (LfU) (Bavarian State Office for Environment).




To view photos and details of the plant please click on the diagram above (explanatory notes in German). .