GKS-Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Schweinfurt introduces our sustainibility activites within the "Sustainability-Business-Card" since 2017.

Regarding sustainablity outlines, the dimensions economy, ecology and social issues are taken into consideration equally and simultanuously in our company. Therefore, besides the business report, GKS publish an evironmental and a social report.

The following sustainability-business-card allows a reference to the Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitscodex (DNK). This relation has been made by the Institut für Nachhaltigkeitsbildung, Münster/Germany, which prepared a sustainability report and a sustainability-business-card as a model for Interessengemeinschaft der Thermischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen (ITAD). The complete official DNK-certificate had been transmitted to GKS on 4th of July 2018.

The sustainablilty-business-card (in German) is available here:


Please find below our (German) reports for ecology ("Umwelterklärung"), economy ("Jahresabschluss") and social issues ("Sozialbericht"):


Ecology (incl. emission report according to 17. BImSchV §23):

pdf small Umwelterklärung-2022 (Data of 2021).pdf (3.09 MB)



pdf small Jahresabschluss-2020.pdf (0.6 MB)


Social Issues:

pdf small Sozialbericht-2022 (Data of 2021).pdf (2,91 MB)