unternehmen-aniGKS was founded to supply heat and electrical power to local shareholders (see menu point LINKS) and to dispose their waste by incineration. In 1990 the plan was accomplished to build a coal power plant for combined heat and power (CHP). Since then, GKS has provided environmentally friendly district heating . In 1994, a thermal waste treatment plant was integrated into the CHP-plant. The residual solid waste of the Main-Rhön region is thermally recycled in these facilities.

GKS is certified as waste management plant, by EMAS and DNK. This certificate can be seen at DOCUMENTS.

GKS has given themselves guidelines, which reflect the ethical line of acting as a corporate identity.


GKS - Guidelines:

Environment - by keeping emissions below the threshold values

Sustainability - by material recycling

Energy efficiency - by combined heat and power plant

Resources efficiency - combustion of waste instead of coal

Waste management reliability - for the region Main-Rhön

Supply guarantee - for district heating and electricity

Cost efficiency - by synergy, improvement and optimisation

Integrity - by open organisational flow

Transparency - by public information

Fairness - people working for people